Push Ups!!!

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I am a big believer in doing basic exercises, push ups are definitely one of them. The most I have every done is 70 in 50 seconds! Here is a great article by Men’s Fitness that highlights 3 Ways to improve your push ups.

3 Ways to Improve Your Pushup

Get more out of the pushup than ever before with these quick and easy fixes.

3 Ways to Improve Your Pushup

Pushups are a great upper-body workout, touted for their ability to develop a strong, muscular chest, cannonball shoulders, and arms worthy of recognition. However, there are many other things that pushups do for the body, and falling behind in one area can render pushups ineffective, leading to disappointment and, in more serious cases, injuries. Next time you go to do pushups, keep these issues in mind.

THE ISSUE: Weak Core



Exercises such as the plank improve core endurance, which are critical for stability during a pushup. The ability to hold that classic pushup position is directly correlated to how long you can hold a plank and is an indicator of overall core strength. A weak core can lead to a “sag” in the lower back that changes the angle of the shoulder joints and how the muscles are being worked. Changing this angle, or positioning, can lead to serious injury and diminished results. Work planks into your routine 1-2 days per week for 3-4 sets of maximum holds.

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Good article about Eggs

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Nutrition Q&A: Am I Eating Too Many Eggs?

Eggs are one of the best protein sources—but then there’s the whole cholesterol thing. Here, an MF expert gives you the straight-up answer.

From Men’s Fitness by: Rebecca Webber
 Q: “Is there such a thing as too many whole eggs or egg yolks? I know they contain cholesterol, but I’m currently eating six a day while cutting.”

A: Whoa, there! Six eggs a day is far too many, no matter how you cut it. An egg has 187 mg of cholesterol, and the recommended limit is 300 mg per day—or only 200 mg if you have diabetes or risk factors for heart disease. “You can probably get away with one egg a day,” says Maxine Smith, R.D., L.D. a dietician at the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Human Nutrition. “Though if you’re high risk, limit yourself to two per week.”

Don’t believe it? A 2008 report from the Physicians Health Study backs up Smith’s suggestion, finding that eating one egg per day is generally safe—but that more than that can increase your heart disease risk later in life. (Note that we’re talking about yolks here. You can have unlimited whites.)

The recommendation is still to be conservative, says Smith, because some people have an outsized response to dietary cholesterol. “But we don’t know who those people are,” she explains. And if you are also eating a diet high in saturated fat, the cholesterol in eggs can have a more profound effect on your bad “LDL” cholesterol levels.
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5 Moves to Reveal your Abs!

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From Men's Health

Remember diet is critical to seeing your abs check out the Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto

Leave the crunching to the accountants this tax season. “If you want to reveal your six-pack, you need to blast your abs and strip away the fat that covers them,”  says BJ Gaddour, C.S.C.S., metabolic training expert and owner of StreamFit.com. One of the best ways to do that: mountain climbers, which strengthen your entire core and send your metabolism through the roof. That’s why this  Train for Life challenge includes five—yes, five!—demanding variations of the the exercise. Each version is harder than the next. Will you make it to the summit of Mount Metabolism?

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MenFitness Iron Sides Burn Fat & Blast Your Core

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Men’s Fitness Iron Sides by Mike Mahler
This workout is from the 2011 December issue of Men’s Fitness.
What caught attention about this workout were some of the similar exercises that I have reviewed in other workouts. Due to my hectic schedule I have as of late, I’ve been looking for routines that deliver on intensity and doesn’t take too much time. Maintaining all the work of have put in the last two years to loose 40 lbs and keep it off isn’t just a goal it is a obsession.
Iron Sides is a efficient, full body, core blasting and fat burning workout that is easy to remember and do.
Here are some ways that I use it to increase difficulty and burn a little extra fat.

Make it harder – Shorten the rest period between exercise to 20s, 15s, 10s, or 0.
I personally only rest at the end of the circuit.
2. After workout burner, after a workout perform two circuits to burn extra fat.
3. Vary weights to increase intensity, for example the clean press start with a 45 lb kettlebell and switch it to a 30 for circuits 3-5.

Iron Sides Workout

Complete the following circuit five times. Take 45-second breaks in between each exercise and 60-second
breaks at the end of each round


Here are some reference links I used to create this video. Note I boiled down the exercises to give a general guideline on how to do the exercise. My video is only 5 mins. In total the reference links below are about 20 minutes worth of video.

Dan John perfecting the kettlebell swing
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVEReOq5Jgs – 14 minutes

Steve Cotter Kettlebell – Steve is the the man!incredible Kettlebell videos.
6 minutes

Phil Scarito from DV8 Fitness
2.28 minutes


Emerald Smoke MMA Part 3 Jiu-Jitsu Class

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I have a whole new respect for grappling, after taking Tomas Grinkevicius class and getting a better understanding of the art. I truly understand why it is so dangerous and effective. Tomas is a excellent teacher, he is patient and detail exactly what you need when your learning how to break joints. Enjoy the video and find more about Emerald Smoke and Tomas at
Remember if your in the area stop by and try a free class.

If your looking for a quality Jiu-Jitsu Gi and other MMA gear check out
Sick Gear. http://sickbrands.com/

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