Welcome to my personal fitness journey.

I created this web experience to hopefully inspire others to workout and stay healthy.

With so many products, routines and promises out there, it’s nearly impossible to sift through all the information to determine what really works.

There are thousands of “miracle” workout products created and advertised to make us think that this is “the one”. The one that will change my body and change my life, making me look like those guys on TV. It usually starts out the same: You procrastinate for a while, then do some Internet research that leads you to buy into the hype. You find yourself investing into yet another “amazing” infomercial product that’s only 4 easy payments of $29.99! After waiting a whole week for delivery, you’ve already lost your newfound resolve, letting the box sit unopened for another week or two swearing you’ll start after your last weekend beer binge. Fast-forward to 3 weeks later, the dream product still sits unopened collecting dust and taking up space.

I want to help change that.

I will test drive various products and work out routines and share with you my experience, my results, my thumbs up and down. I want to help educate and save you time, money and product disappointment.

About me:

At 40 years old, I currently weigh 165 and maintaining it. I am enrolled in Shotakan karate which I usually attend twice a week despite my very demanding full time job as a

I have 2 young sons, I am also married to a woman that demands plenty of my time and attention. Despite my hectic schedule, I am determined to stay as fit and healthy as possible. I’m not getting any younger and want to be able to keep up with my sons as they continue to grow and enjoy various activities and sports.

I invite you to join me on my journey to fitness, to become the healthiest you possible.


Thank You,

Nat Jones

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