5 Moves to Reveal your Abs!

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Remember diet is critical to seeing your abs check out the Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto

Leave the crunching to the accountants this tax season. “If you want to reveal your six-pack, you need to blast your abs and strip away the fat that covers them,”  says BJ Gaddour, C.S.C.S., metabolic training expert and owner of StreamFit.com. One of the best ways to do that: mountain climbers, which strengthen your entire core and send your metabolism through the roof. That’s why this  Train for Life challenge includes five—yes, five!—demanding variations of the the exercise. Each version is harder than the next. Will you make it to the summit of Mount Metabolism?

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Stomach Blast Ab Routine

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The Stomach Blast Ab Routine! Cheesey name I know 😉 These are some exercises I do three times a week to finish off a routine if I have time, to burn off a little extra fat. Perform in Circuit Training format, one exercise after the other.


Shot Gun 10 Reps
Power Tower Kick Out 10 Reps
Swiss Ball Crunches 10 Reps
Two Bench Side Bridge 10 Reps
This is one circuit.
Do 3 Circuits.
60-30 Seconds of rest or no rest between circuits. If you are just starting out I would recommend resting 30 seconds between exercises and
lowering the reps to 5 reps till you build up to 10 reps.

Let me know what you think.


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FitnessBuilder Week 12.

Notes: Last day of my FitnessBuilder review, I decided to go out with a a stomach routine. FitnessBuilder’s Abs & Core, Level 1: Foundation, Workout 2. Getting a six pack is everyone’s most desired muscle group. After 60 days I am happy to say that I got it back. FB’s Ab & Core routines will have your six pack saying hi again.

Workout Time: 33 min 57 sec

Abs & Core, Level 1: Foundation, Workout 2
Dead Bug / Crunch / Russian Twist / Hip Raise / Kneeling Back Extension / Twisting Crunch / Alternating Superman

Exercise of the Day: Dead Bub Ab exercise. Don’t laugh it really works try ten rest for 30 secs and do another ten, you will feel what I mean. Get your abs back with a dead bug, go figure 😉 .

FitnessBuilder Dead Bug

FitnessBuilder Dead Bug


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FitnessBuilder Week 12.

Notes: It’s the final count down five days left of my FitnessBuilder review! I am picking up where I left off last week with the Dumbbells, Level 3: Comprehensive , Workout 9. One of the things I like about FB is it’s ability to adapt to my needs. The application keeps challenging me with harder workouts.

Workout Time: 1 hr2 min

Dumbbells, Level 3: Comprehensive, Workout 9 :Foot Up Split Squat / Wide Floor Press / Renegade Row / French Press / Cross Body Curl / Hi-Lo Chop / Plank with Arm Raise / Rear Delt Row / Wrist Flexion / Calf Raise

Exercise of the Day: Hi-Lo Chop ab exercise. Simple motion that has great burn, a must try. You can also do this exercise with a medicine ball and cables. The FitnessBuilder Dumbbell series will push, pull and mold you in unexpected ways.

FitnessBuilder Hi-Lo Chop

FitnessBuilder Hi-Lo Chop

Summary Dumbbell, Level 3: Comprehensive Workout. You don’t need a full gym to get a good work out in. A set of the Dumbbells and a free standing bench is all you need to get fit.


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FitnessBuilder Week 9.

Notes: It time to dedicate some time to getting my abs to come out and say hi. Watching what you eat is a important factor in seeing your abs. Today’s ab routine left me grimacing through reps and enjoying the burn. Check out my exercise of the day and feel the burn for yourself.

Workout Time: 44 min 44 sec

Best Ab Exercises, Workout 2
Windmill / Bench Jack Knife / Lo-Hi Chop / Alternate Leg Lowering /Front Bridge / Turkish Get Up / Core Rotation/ Chair Leg Raise / Lower Body Twist / Negative Crunch

Exercise of the Day: Bench Jack Knife ab exercise. Want to get cut up? The Bench Jack Knife will do it, I felt the burn in the five reps. Great exercise you can do between reps if you’re in a burning calorie mood or short on time. See you next week for more FB reviews.

FitnessBuilder Bench Jack Knife

FitnessBuilder Bench Jack Knife

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