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Ok so I haven’t been writing for a while and it’s all my fault I will admit it.

I don’t believe in excuses only change. We all have the ability to make excuses but change is a whole another bag of reality. When you make excuses you only miss out on your true potential. So with that being said I am going to make a effort to write more.

So the focus of today’s post GET IN WHAT YOU CAN is simple do what you can to get a workout in. Lately it’s been hard to get in my workouts life happens work, family time and sleep is important. My workouts sometimes take a back seat to these things but finding the time to keep up with my workouts is also important. Today was no different; I was up to 12:30 working and set the alarm to 5:00 am to get up and workout. Getting out of bed was hard with only four and a half hours of sleep. Four and half hours of sleep is not something I would advise for anyone to get, but if your like me and hate not getting your workout in I guess you get it 😉 . The other issue I have is getting to work early which means I have to catch the 6:40 leaving me an hour and twenty minutes to get in a workout, shower, get ready and get to the train. I hate working out being stressed for time that’s why I generally wake up at 4 or 4:30 am with lumie.

The clock is ticking, mentally and literally for me.

5:03 AM I actually get out of my bed I shuffle down stairs, my oldest son is up already which freaks me out because he is never up that early.

5:08 AM I grab an energy drink and head downstairs and the mental alarm goes off.

I have no idea what workout I am going to do one of the biggest pieces of advice I give everyone is have a plan when you get into the gym.

5:10 AM I look through my workout app (fitness builder) for a workout. I needed a workout something short 30 minutes, full body or split that is at least 3 days. I will supplement 2 days of circuit training in later.

5:16 AM The workout I found I believe it is from Mens Health 3 in 1 workout. I have a collection of workouts on my FB app so it makes it easier to switch things up.

5:54 AM Knock the work out in 38 minutes flat.

6:00 AM In the shower

6:20 AM Out the door making the 6:40 AM train.

So here is the deal – How I got this workout in.

1. I chose a work out that only had 5 exercises the workout below is actually 4. Repeated the one exercise twice. 

2. Rest time between exercises was 30 seconds. You won’t believe how much time shortening your rest times saves.

3. Intensity of the lift when your short on time you got to push yourself so lift a little heavier.

Below is day one of the workout.

Completed on 9/15/14 5:54 AM

Workout Time: 38:17

Rating: 5 stars

Deadlift | Barbell:

Set Reps Weight

1   8     225

2   8     225

3   8     225

Pull Up | Bodyweight:

Set Reps Weight

1   8

2   8

3   8

Overhead Press | Dumbbells:

Set Reps Weight

1   10   45

2   10   45

3   10   45

Curl | Barbell:

Set Reps Weight

1   10   70

2   10   70

3   10   70

Deadlift | Barbell:

Set Reps Weight

1   8     225

2   8     225

3   8     225

Men’s Health Full Dumbbell Body Blast

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Men’s Health Full Body Dumbbell Blast is easy and effective.  Lately I haven’t had a lot of time to do my regular workouts.  In order to maintain what I’ve worked so hard to achieve I’ve been researching what I’m calling, short but sweat workouts.  Patrick Striet, owner of Force Fitness & Performance in Cincinnati Ohio came up with this lean mean fat burning workout.

This workout delivers and is easy to remember whether  you’re at home or in the gym.  All you need are some dumbbells and a bucket of will.

Check out Patrick’s gym if you live in Cincinnati.

Kick Ass Body Weight Workout

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I received numerous emails asking me to share, create or find a workout that doesn’t require the use of weights. Well here it is,  “The Kick Ass Bodyweight Workout”.
This workout will raise your heart rate and make you sweat.
It focuses on your core and burns fat, so make sure you’re in good condition to do this.  Monitoring your heart rate is important because if it’s too high you could pass out or have a heart attack.  If it’s too low you’re not burning calories.

Check out this link for calculating your heart rate and getting the most out of your training.

The Kick Ass Bodyweight Work is made up of eight exercises.
Some of the exercises you have seen before in the Spartacus workout.
They are just too good not to add to the routine.

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Men’s Fitness Built for Battle MMA Workout

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This workout was found in the December / Janaruay issue of Men’s Fitness.  Josh Koscheck featured in the workout and illustrates how the exercises are done.

Randy Couture admittedly has me beat on this one. He can get you into shape with just 10 minutes a day. Only draw back is you need Randy’s door gym, a product that I haven’t review yet. For Men’s Fitness Built for Battle MMA workout all you need is one weight, a kettbell or Dumbbell and 15 minutes. The work is intense and it is crucial to go all out within the time frame. If you muddle through this workout you won’t get any benefit from it.  When done right this routine will help you develop endurance, fighter specific strength and burn fat. I recently purchased a heart monitor that calculates the amount of calories burned when I workout. For this workout I burned about 300 calories that is a lot given the amount of time for this workout.

Here is the break down for the workout. Perform workout as a Circuit complete one set of each exercise then move on to the next exercise.
Perform each exercise for 25 seconds then rest for 5 seconds.
3 Circuits total

1. Kettlebell Swing
2. Shoulder-to-Shoulder Press
3. Single-Arm Bent Over Row (25 Seconds on each side)
4. Lunge with Rotation
5. Tight Core Rotation
6. Reverse Lunge with Knee Strike (25 Seconds on each side)
7. Fighter Push Up
8. Burpee to Boxer Guard

Perform this workout once or twice a week.

You may need more rest between circuits, that is fine ultimately you want to
get down to one minute between circuits.

Special thanks to Brad from for sending me these cool Muay Thai Shorts. Get your shorts here. Also check out my review on this unique martial arts product the coordination bag.

Men’s Fitness Build Muscle! Burn Fat! Workout Review.

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April 2010 Men’s Fitness Magazine has some great routines in it. Building a NFL neck, to staying lean with Jeffrey Donovan’s MMA Workout. The workout that made me push myself and feel the burn was the “Build Muscle! Burn Fat! workout.” Anything with that has build and burn in it’s name has to live up to it. I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

Build Muscle! Burn Fat is a 5 star workout.

It focuses on contrast training which is executing a heavy exercise followed up by a light exercise. The heavier exercise makes you stronger and builds muscle. The lighter exercise works on your power. A nice combination that we can all use.

Two times a week, resting at least a day between each session.

Takes about 45 minutes.


Complete each exercise with in a sequence.
There are two sequence with in the total routine.

Sequence One:
Do each of these exercises right after the other.
Example of one set.
1a. Deadlift             4-6 Reps
1b. Deadlift Jump  4-6 Reps
1c. Bench Press    4-6 Reps
1d. Plyo Pushup    4-6 Reps
4-6 Sets

Sequence Two:
Do each of these exercises right after the other.
Example of one set.
2a. Dumbbell Reverse Lunge 5-8 Reps each leg
2b. Alternating Jumping Lunge 5-8 Reps each leg
2c. Chinup 4-6 Reps
2d. Medicine-Ball Slam 5-8 Reps
4-6 Sets.

Plate Chop  is to be done at the end of
both sequences.
Reps 8-10, Sets – 2-3

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