Another 38 Minutes!

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Time is the one thing we all wish we had more of and the one thing you can’t get back.

Today I got in another 38 minute work out day two of the 3 in 1 workout. See below for details of the workout. I did switch up the beginning lift to bench press instead of push ups with resistance band. The bench press to me is a staple of working out; I know that there is some that say you don’t need to do bench press. Well to me one of the easiest ways to see that you are getting stronger over time is when you go from lifting 175 to 225. I also like to lift consistently when it comes to heavy weight. What I mean by this is lifting a challenging weight the same number of reps for x sets. For example in today’s workout I did 5 reps of 225 for 4 sets a total of 20 reps at 225 with a minute rest between each set. I could have push the first set to 8 rep but that would have tapped me out for the other 3 sets. Buy going with a lower number I was able to more reps over a greater number of sets. Instead of burning myself out on the first set. This method has helped me increase my overall strength. Remember different things work for different people. Give it a try for yourself. I always say that the enemy of change is the monotony of repetition mix it up! Below is a shot from this morning’s workout, the 90lbs of steel shot.

90lbs of Steel!Check out the post,Another 38 Minutes

Bench Press:
Set Reps Weight
1 5 225
2 5 225
3 5 225
4 5 225

Back Squat | Barbell:
Set Reps Weight
1 6 225
2 8 225
3 10 225

Stiff Leg Deadlift | Dumbbells:
Set Reps Weight
1 8 75
2 8 75
3 8 75

Bent Over Row | Barbell:
Set Reps Weight
1 8 135
2 8 135
3 8 135

Push Ups:
Set Reps Weight
1 56
2 4
I was going for 60! arms just gave out. Oh well next time!


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FitnessBuilder Week 11.

Notes: Pass me a metal sandwich I can feel my muscles popping out after today’s workout.

Workout Time: 45 min 17 sec

Gain Muscle Mass, Workout 3
Reverse Lunge/ Twisting Bench Press / T-Bar Row / Upright Row/ Decline Power Push Up/ Recip Overhead Press /Leg Press / Cable Pushdown

Exercise of the day: Upright Row shoulder exercise.
Lift a little lighter so you can get the full  range of motion, to hit the smaller shoulder muscles.

FitnessBuilder Upright Row

FitnessBuilder Upright Row

Summary of Gain Muscle Mass Workout. – After three days of this I need sleep, protein and recovery time. Gain Muscle Mass is a must try to build muscle mass it lives up to it’s name. FB favorite.


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FitnessBuilder Week 9.

Notes: Day two of working my core, I am satisfied with the feeling and the results of this FB workout. The correct name of this exercise is Front to Lat Raise, I said
Front Lateral Raise in the video.

Workout Time: 1 hr 2 min

Total Body Twist, Workout 2
Sumo Deadlift /Incline Press /Iron Cross Pulldown / Push Press / Cable / Pushdown / Front to Lat Raise  / Preacher Curl

Exercise of the Day: Front to Lat Raise shoulder exercise. Double impact shoulder exercise that doesn’t need heavy weight to feel the burn. A FB favorite for me, a must try.

FitnessBuilder Front to Lat Raise

FitnessBuilder Front to Lat Raise

Summary of Total Body Twist:
This was a hardcore routine a five star effort and a must try.


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FitnessBuilder Week 9.

Notes: For the next two days I will become the World’s Strongest Man, well at least work out like one.
FitnessBuilder has two workout routines that are geared to make you stronger called the World’s Strongest Man.
Today’s workout left me physically drained, I pushed myself by adding weight as I did sets.

Workout Time: 55 min 36 sec

World’s Strongest Man, Workout 1
Deadlift / Clean & Jerk / Pull Up / Shot Putt / Row to Extension / Sled Drag / Farmer’s Walk / Sandbag Squat

Exercise of the Day: The Shot Putt shoulder exercise. A interesting way to use the chest barbell  to hit your shoulder muscles, a must try.

FitnessBuilder  Shot Putt

FitnessBuilder Shot Putt


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Notes: Today’s workout was tough, FitnessBuilder kept up it’s end by naming today’s routine 10 of the Toughest. The workout keep me  pushing through the
last reps, keeping my balance and wondering how am I going to finish.

Exercise of the Day: Kneeling Reciprocal Press shoulder exercise. I noticed I forgot to mention the Kneeling part of this exercise in the video.
This exercise is a tricky one, take you time to get your balance.

Workout Time: 1 hr 21 min

10 of the Toughest, Workout 1

Overhead Squat / Double Push Up / Sotts Press / Side to Side Pull Up /Kneeling Reciprocal Press
Chair Dip / Hanging Side Leg Raise / Turkish Get Up / Uni Pike / Star Side Bridge

FitnessBuilder Kneeling Reciprocal Press

FitnessBuilder Kneeling Reciprocal Press

Summary: 10 of the Toughest, Workout 1. It was tough and challenging. I came away from the routine with a sense of accomplishment. I think that is one of
the best things I can ever say about a workout routine. See you next week.

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