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FitnessBuilder Week 12.

Notes: It’s the final count down five days left of my FitnessBuilder review! I am picking up where I left off last week with the Dumbbells, Level 3: Comprehensive , Workout 9. One of the things I like about FB is it’s ability to adapt to my needs. The application keeps challenging me with harder workouts.

Workout Time: 1 hr2 min

Dumbbells, Level 3: Comprehensive, Workout 9 :Foot Up Split Squat / Wide Floor Press / Renegade Row / French Press / Cross Body Curl / Hi-Lo Chop / Plank with Arm Raise / Rear Delt Row / Wrist Flexion / Calf Raise

Exercise of the Day: Hi-Lo Chop ab exercise. Simple motion that has great burn, a must try. You can also do this exercise with a medicine ball and cables. The FitnessBuilder Dumbbell series will push, pull and mold you in unexpected ways.

FitnessBuilder Hi-Lo Chop

FitnessBuilder Hi-Lo Chop

Summary Dumbbell, Level 3: Comprehensive Workout. You don’t need a full gym to get a good work out in. A set of the Dumbbells and a free standing bench is all you need to get fit.


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Notes: Day 55! Only five more days left with the FitnessBuilder! Second day of working out with the dumbbells, I never knew the amount of exercises that could be done with dumbbells. It’s a long way from the poster exercises that come with most weight sets.

Dumbbells, Level 3: Comprehensive, Workout 8
Front Squat / Pullover / Arnold Press / Bent Over Row / Uni Stiff Leg Deadlift / Renegade Rear Delt Row / Uni Extension / Reverse Curl / Russian Twist / Negative Crunch

Exercise of the Day:
Uni Extension tricep exercise. Want to really isolate that tricep muscle this is the exercise for you. Isolation and a little be of burn is a great recipe for muscle growth.

FitnessBuilder Uni Extension

FitnessBuilder Uni Extension


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FitnessBuilder Week 11.

Notes: Happy Thanks Giving! God Bless. Today I wanted to make sure that I was switching up my routine a little bit more. So I decided to go back to my dumbbells which allows for more isolation while working out. With the amount of working out that I have been doing I pushed myself into the advance levels of the FitnessBuilder’s dumbbell routine.

Today’s work out was exactly what I needed to shock my muscles and challenge myself.

Workout Time:
1 hr 59 min

Dumbbells, Level 3: Comprehensive, Workout 7

Crossover Step Up / Twisting Bench Press / Bent Over Row & Twist  / Push Press Split Squat Rotation / Toe Touch /Concentration Curl / Kickback / Plank Weight Transfer

Exercise of the day: Bent Over Row & Twist back exercise.
The nice thing about dumbbells is the muscle isolation that occurs. Bent Over Row & Twist does a great job of isolating and hitting your back muscle at a great angle. A FB must try, also it’s a great way to burn off some of those holiday calories.

FitnessBuilder Bent Over Row & Twist

FitnessBuilder Bent Over Row & Twist


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FitnessBuilder Week 11.

Notes: Pass me a metal sandwich I can feel my muscles popping out after today’s workout.

Workout Time: 45 min 17 sec

Gain Muscle Mass, Workout 3
Reverse Lunge/ Twisting Bench Press / T-Bar Row / Upright Row/ Decline Power Push Up/ Recip Overhead Press /Leg Press / Cable Pushdown

Exercise of the day: Upright Row shoulder exercise.
Lift a little lighter so you can get the full  range of motion, to hit the smaller shoulder muscles.

FitnessBuilder Upright Row

FitnessBuilder Upright Row

Summary of Gain Muscle Mass Workout. – After three days of this I need sleep, protein and recovery time. Gain Muscle Mass is a must try to build muscle mass it lives up to it’s name. FB favorite.


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Notes: Day 2 of Gaining Muscle Mass, I once fantasized about becoming a professional body builder.  This dream died when I found out how much work you needed to do, to become one. People take for granted what it takes to sculpt your muscles to become something more then genetics decided they should be. Today’s workout was a muscle fiber ripping. (Awesome)

Workout Time: 51 min 16 sec

Gain Muscle Mass, Workout 2
Front Squat / Incline Bench Press / Wide Grip Pulldown / Military Press / Crossover Lunge / Lateral Raise / Close Grip Bench Press / Curl

Exercise of the day: Front Squat leg exercise. A variation of the standard squat that uses your arm stomach and  legs muscles.

FitnessBuilder Front Squat

FitnessBuilder Front Squat

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