Another 38 Minutes!

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Time is the one thing we all wish we had more of and the one thing you can’t get back.

Today I got in another 38 minute work out day two of the 3 in 1 workout. See below for details of the workout. I did switch up the beginning lift to bench press instead of push ups with resistance band. The bench press to me is a staple of working out; I know that there is some that say you don’t need to do bench press. Well to me one of the easiest ways to see that you are getting stronger over time is when you go from lifting 175 to 225. I also like to lift consistently when it comes to heavy weight. What I mean by this is lifting a challenging weight the same number of reps for x sets. For example in today’s workout I did 5 reps of 225 for 4 sets a total of 20 reps at 225 with a minute rest between each set. I could have push the first set to 8 rep but that would have tapped me out for the other 3 sets. Buy going with a lower number I was able to more reps over a greater number of sets. Instead of burning myself out on the first set. This method has helped me increase my overall strength. Remember different things work for different people. Give it a try for yourself. I always say that the enemy of change is the monotony of repetition mix it up! Below is a shot from this morning’s workout, the 90lbs of steel shot.

90lbs of Steel!Check out the post,Another 38 Minutes

Bench Press:
Set Reps Weight
1 5 225
2 5 225
3 5 225
4 5 225

Back Squat | Barbell:
Set Reps Weight
1 6 225
2 8 225
3 10 225

Stiff Leg Deadlift | Dumbbells:
Set Reps Weight
1 8 75
2 8 75
3 8 75

Bent Over Row | Barbell:
Set Reps Weight
1 8 135
2 8 135
3 8 135

Push Ups:
Set Reps Weight
1 56
2 4
I was going for 60! arms just gave out. Oh well next time!


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Ok so I haven’t been writing for a while and it’s all my fault I will admit it.

I don’t believe in excuses only change. We all have the ability to make excuses but change is a whole another bag of reality. When you make excuses you only miss out on your true potential. So with that being said I am going to make a effort to write more.

So the focus of today’s post GET IN WHAT YOU CAN is simple do what you can to get a workout in. Lately it’s been hard to get in my workouts life happens work, family time and sleep is important. My workouts sometimes take a back seat to these things but finding the time to keep up with my workouts is also important. Today was no different; I was up to 12:30 working and set the alarm to 5:00 am to get up and workout. Getting out of bed was hard with only four and a half hours of sleep. Four and half hours of sleep is not something I would advise for anyone to get, but if your like me and hate not getting your workout in I guess you get it 😉 . The other issue I have is getting to work early which means I have to catch the 6:40 leaving me an hour and twenty minutes to get in a workout, shower, get ready and get to the train. I hate working out being stressed for time that’s why I generally wake up at 4 or 4:30 am with lumie.

The clock is ticking, mentally and literally for me.

5:03 AM I actually get out of my bed I shuffle down stairs, my oldest son is up already which freaks me out because he is never up that early.

5:08 AM I grab an energy drink and head downstairs and the mental alarm goes off.

I have no idea what workout I am going to do one of the biggest pieces of advice I give everyone is have a plan when you get into the gym.

5:10 AM I look through my workout app (fitness builder) for a workout. I needed a workout something short 30 minutes, full body or split that is at least 3 days. I will supplement 2 days of circuit training in later.

5:16 AM The workout I found I believe it is from Mens Health 3 in 1 workout. I have a collection of workouts on my FB app so it makes it easier to switch things up.

5:54 AM Knock the work out in 38 minutes flat.

6:00 AM In the shower

6:20 AM Out the door making the 6:40 AM train.

So here is the deal – How I got this workout in.

1. I chose a work out that only had 5 exercises the workout below is actually 4. Repeated the one exercise twice. 

2. Rest time between exercises was 30 seconds. You won’t believe how much time shortening your rest times saves.

3. Intensity of the lift when your short on time you got to push yourself so lift a little heavier.

Below is day one of the workout.

Completed on 9/15/14 5:54 AM

Workout Time: 38:17

Rating: 5 stars

Deadlift | Barbell:

Set Reps Weight

1   8     225

2   8     225

3   8     225

Pull Up | Bodyweight:

Set Reps Weight

1   8

2   8

3   8

Overhead Press | Dumbbells:

Set Reps Weight

1   10   45

2   10   45

3   10   45

Curl | Barbell:

Set Reps Weight

1   10   70

2   10   70

3   10   70

Deadlift | Barbell:

Set Reps Weight

1   8     225

2   8     225

3   8     225

I Dare you to LIVE STRONG

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We are all looking for motivation trust me when I get up a 5 am to workout, dragging my body out of bed is like pulling meat from a lion.
Yes it is hard to get going I am always looking for ideas, tips and tricks to keep me going. has come up with dares to motivate it’s members. I think it’s smart, the dares are simple things that  remind us to take care of ourselves. Dares include, taking vitamins, getting enough rest, eating fruits and vegetables. What is really cool you can create  dares as well, so if you want a little motivation check out dares. I have a dare also I dare you to try the 125 core challenge I created.

Lifting heavy my first attempt at Benching 275lbs

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There is a lot of research for and against heavy lifting. For example a new study conducted at McMaster University has shown that a similar degree of muscle building can be achieved by using lighter weights. The secret is to pump iron until you reach muscle fatigue.

“Rather than grunting and straining to lift heavy weights, you can grab something much lighter but you have to lift it until you can’t lift it anymore,” says Stuart Phillips, associate professor of kinesiology at McMaster University. “We’re convinced that growing muscle means stimulating your muscle to make new muscle proteins, a process in the body that over time accumulates into bigger muscles.”

Click Here to read the rest of the article.

On the other side of the fence; other studies have shown that lifting heavy with short resting times burns more fat. Researchers from the Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education (Oslo) found that using weight that allows for only six reps increases subject’s resting metabolic rate higher and for longer after a workout than 12-rep sets. A study from the College of New Jersey (Ewing) reported that men rested just 30 seconds between sets of bench presses, burned 50% more calories. To burn more calories during and after training (which helps burn bodyfat), use a 6-8-rep range and keep rest periods to less than one minute.

Source Muscle & Fitness Oct.2010 issue.
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Men’s Fitness Back to Basic Article

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Men’s Fitness does a great job in this article of showing you how to stay in shape without a gym. For me personally I don’t belong to a gym because of time. My life at the moment is super scheduled, a day in a life of Nat Jones goes something like this.

5:30 Am Wake up – Walk the dog
5:45 Downstairs Working out
6:45 Workout Complete Breakfast and Supplements
7:00 – Shower
7:20 Dressed walking out the door to catch the 7:40 train.
7:40 catching training
8:20 Arrive in city walk to work.
8:50 Arrive at work ( 2.3 mile walk)
9:00 am get coffee and protein bar work day starts.

I won’t bore you with the details but work usually starts at 9 am finishes anywhere between 5:30 and 7:00 pm on a good day. On a long day I could be there till about  8 pm  than I am taking the work home with me.

You basically get the idea, if I don’t workout in the morning my day is to hectic to even try working out during the day.
The Men’s Fitness article covers euipment you can buy for your home gym and workouts you can do also.
MF’s Back to Basics

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