Working out with Kettlebells

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60Days kettlebells review

My typical day starts anywhere between 5:00 and 5:30 am. Alarm goes off reminding me to move. Depending on what time I go to bed, I get up with a snap or I lay there just a little more trying to squeeze some last minute rest in. Today started at 5:16 I brushed my teeth and walked the dog.  Then right into Kettlebell training. Kettlebells or Girya (Russian: гиря) is a cast iron weigh  bowling ball-sized  with a single looped handle on top. Kettlebells range in weight from two pounds to over 100 pounds. Common strength training aids in Eastern Europe, Kettlebells are taking off in the West thanks to fitness programs like CrossFit. Kettlebells are a favorite item in most CrossFit gyms, along with some other basic training items like weighted medicine balls, pull up bars, jump ropes and lots of free weights.  In Russia
where they are mega popular you can actually become a certified Kettlebell trainer.

I recently purchased two 30lb Kettlebells to add another layer to my fitness routine. They say your supposed to acclimate your body to Kettlebells. I just went to Sports Authority lifted a few and went with the weight that had a moderate resistance. For as much as I have been lifting, my tolerance is getting higher and I can handle more weight. However the kettlebells due to there odd shape just feels different when you workout with them.  Unlike traditional dumbbells, the Kettlebell’s center of mass is extended beyond the hand, similar to a Clubbell’s. This allows for swing movements not possible with traditional dumbbells. More muscle groups are utilized in the swinging  movement of a Kettlebells than lifting of dumbbells,  it is said to be more effective, and yields better results in less time. My wrist are taking a bit of a beating and my hands are getting more callous due to the twisting motion from the grip. My tolerance for the pain only goes so far, a pair of lifting gloves with wrist support alliviated the issue.

The workouts I have been doing are from my FitnessBuilder app. FitnessBuilder was the first fitness product that I started the whole 60days with. I still use this app on a regular basis. I am able to program all workouts that I review and talk about into it so I can keep track of everything that I am doing. FitnessBuilder is the most sophisitcated fitness app in the market, a personal trainer in your pocket.

When you work out with Kettlebells make sure you have enough room. Your going to do a lot of swinging motions. So clear out your workout space, make sure your kids if you have any and pets are out of the way. Swinging around any amount of weight is going to cause some serious bone crushing damage if you hit someone or something by accident.  For form  get a mirror. For exercises there are a ton of really good references online.
One guy who is just ripping it up with Kettlebells, is Mike Mahler. He has workshops, training videos, and e-books.

Click here to check out his site with example kettbell exercises. Below is one of the exercises you will find on his site.

Mike Mahler Kettlebell exercise

Kettlebell Pistol (One-legged Squat) Holy leg strength Mike!

So how do I feel so far from training, I am totally sore. Kettbells are a full body workout with a ton of core movements. I feel like I have been washed and rinsed. My core is screaming at me and when I wake up I am still feeling it, from the workout I did yesterday. So far I think the kettle bells are worth it.

I will keep blogging about my usage of kettlebells, stay tuned…

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My Progress with the Spartacus Workout

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This is one of the toughest workouts I have ever done. It puts your cardio, strength and endurance to the test. The workout itself is something that you should acclimate yourself too. Don’t expect to go all out and be able to complete this type of training, unless your used to it. What makes it truly challenging is the use of time  as a measurement  instead of reps.
To put it into perspective curling 25 lbs for 10 reps resting for 60 seconds than repeating the reps is a lot easier, than curling 25lbs for a minute straight doing as many reps as you can.  This puts your cardio to the test gets the blood pumping right away. Resting for 15 seconds before moving to the next exercise gives you a chance to catch your breath.

My advice for anyone starting out is, lift light at first trying to do as many reps within a minute.  Men’s Health suggest that if you cannot complete the exercise for the full minute do 15 to 20 reps instead. The amount of weight you should lift according to Men’s Health is weight that is challenging, which basically means you should be able to lift it for a minute.

I have done this workout with two other gym mates, one threw up and wasn’t able to complete the  routine. The second almost fainted three exercise in.  As for myself …When I first started this routine I was able to complete some exercises for the full minute. Other exercises I would revert to reps instead.

Other tips to getting the most out of Spartacus Workout.
1. Rest – Men’s Health suggests that you do this routine three times a week taking a day off in between workouts.
2. Keep pushing yourself if you can do a minute at ten pounds move it up to fifteen.
3. Stretch before you do this workout
4. Maintain form over reps

By the second circuit I am soaked in sweat and pumping to the music to get through.

To date I have done this routine 12 times.
Here is where I am at from the date I started till the present.
I am amazed at the results.

Goblet Squat –  
1st / 20 reps  Weight 40 whole minute
2nd/ 20 reps  Weight 40 whole minute
3rd/ 20 reps  Weight 40 whole minute
1st / 40 reps  Weight 50 whole minute
2nd/ 35 reps  Weight 50 whole minute
3rd/ 35reps  Weight 50 whole minute

Mountain Climber
1st / 20 reps  
2nd/ 20 reps  
3rd/ 20 reps  
1st / 50 reps  whole minute
2nd/ 30 reps  
3rd/ 30 reps

Single-arm dumbbell swing
1st / 15 reps  Weight 30 each arm
2nd/ 15 reps  Weight 30 each arm
3rd/ 15 reps  Weight 30 each arm
1st / 20 reps  Weight 35 each arm
2nd/ 20 reps  Weight 35 each arm
3rd/ 20 reps  Weight 35 each arm

1st / 16 reps  Weight 15  whole minute
2nd/ 12 reps  Weight 15 whole minute
3rd/  12 reps  Weight 15  whole minute
1st / 16 reps  Weight 20 whole minute
2nd/ 14 reps  Weight 20 whole minute
3rd/ 14 reps  Weight 20 whole minute

Split Jump
1st / 20 reps  
2nd/ 20 reps  
3rd/ 20 reps  
1st / 40 reps  almost the whole minute
2nd/ 30 reps  
3rd/ 25 reps

Dumbbell Row
1st / 15 reps  Weight  30
2nd/ 15 reps  Weight 30
3rd/ 15 reps  Weight  30
1st / 30 reps  Weight  35 almost the whole minute
2nd/ 30 reps  Weight 35 almost the whole minute
3rd/ 25 reps  Weight  35

Dumbbell side lunge and touch
1st / 10 reps  Weight  20
2nd/ 10 reps  Weight 20
3rd/ 10 reps  Weight  20
1st / 18 reps  Weight  20 whole minute
2nd/ 16 reps  Weight 20 whole minute
3rd/ 14 reps  Weight  20

Pushup – position row
1st / 10 reps  Weight  15 each arm
2nd/ 10 reps  Weight 15 each arm
3rd/ 10 reps  Weight  15 each arm
1st / 26 reps  Weight  20 each arm whole minute
2nd/ 25 reps  Weight 20 each arm whole minute
3rd/  20 reps  Weight  20 each arm

Dumbbell lunge and rotation
1st / 20 reps  Weight  20 whole minute
2nd/ 20 reps  Weight 20  whole minute
3rd/ 20 reps  Weight  20 whole minute
1st / 20 reps  Weight  30 whole minute
2nd/ 20 reps  Weight 30  whole minute
3rd/ 20 reps  Weight  30 whole minute

Dumbbell push press
1st / 20 reps  Weight  30
2nd/ 15 reps  Weight 30
3rd/ 15 reps  Weight  30
1st / 30 reps  Weight  35 almost the whole minute
2nd/ 30 reps  Weight 35 almost the whole minute
3rd/ 25 reps  Weight  35


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YouTube Preview Image

The EVERLAST Reflex bag is fun and easy to set up. It will give you a great cardio workout, develop your speed, timing and focus. It’s great for places where you can not install a double ended bag. I filled it up with two 40 gallon water bottles it started to leak from the top, basically because I over filled it. Be sure if you are filling it with water not to fill it to the top.  It takes up to 60lbs of water or sand.  I had it for three weeks no problems, I punch and kick it use it for my martial arts training. It does need to be tighten every once and in a while, then again any equipment you use on a regular basis should be checked and tighten.
Another huge plus is my kids love it!


Freestanding, spring mounted design helps develop speed, timing and punching accuracy. Rebounding bag to help improve reflexes and bobbing and weaving movements. Ideal for hand-eye coordination, upper body and core workouts. Easy-to-fill base (fill to 60 lbs. with water or sand). Adjustable height. Synthetic leather construction.

Color: Cool Grey/Black
Weight: 60 lbs. Filled
Height: Adjustable 50″ to 64″

Links where you can purchase :
I had purchased mine from sports authority it does not show up on their site . Cost around 50 dollars on sale, 59.99 regular price.

Amazon – Cost $42
Walmart – Cost $42
Fighting -Cost $99
Title – Cost $99
Everlast – Cost $90

Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Bench Review

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Gold’s Olympic Bench Set XRS 20.

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It is a great bench, it has some minor draw backs but those can be over looked considering what your  get for the price. The XRS 20 is a beginner to intermediate bench set.


Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Bench:

  • Independent Utility Bench can be used separately or moved out of the way allowing you to perform squats and other exercises without obstruction
  • 6-Roll leg developer builds and develop quads, hamstrings, glutes and hip-flexors
  • Curl Yoke builds your upper body
  • Preacher Pad comfortably isolates your biceps and forearms while ensuring proper exercise form
  • Adjustable Uprights can be adjusted to a number of positions for various exercises and comfort levels.
  • Safety Spotters assist you while working out, preventing unnecessary injury
  • Incline, Flat and Decline Bench Positions offer countless exercise options and proper exercise form
  • Multi-Width Bench is designed to accommodate Olympic bars only
  • Standing Squat Station lets you perform squats that isolate the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves
  • Keep your weights neatly organized and out of the way with the built-in plate storage
  • Weights not included
  • The weight bench is designed to support a maximum user weight of 300 lbs and a maximum total weight of 610 lbs
  • Do not use the weight bench with more than 310 lbs of weight. Do not place more than 150 lbs on the leg lever
  • Assembly required

Features: Independent utility bench and uprights that can accommodate standard, mid-width and olympic sized weights, Built-in plate storage
Muscle worked: Quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip-flexors, upper body, biceps, forearms, and calves
Assembly Required: Yes
Model No.: GGBE1486
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 128.0
Product in Inches (L x W x H): 73.0 x 49.5 x 65.0
Assembled in Country of Origin: USA and/or Imported
Origin of Components: USA and/or Imported

Link to where you can get the XRS 20 Walmart – Cost $ 187.00

Sears has a comparable Joe Weider set they look basically the same.
Weider Core™ 600 Weight Bench Cost $199.99

Weider Core 600 Weight Bench

Sport Authority sells a model that has a walk in squat station. The bench is not free standing.
The Impex Marcy Diamond Elite Deluxe Olympic Bench Cost $249

Impex Marcy Diamond Elite Deluxe Olympic Bench

PowerBlocks Review

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YouTube Preview Image

They are versatile,effective, and economical. Powerblocks will save you room and some cash. At the same time you are getting a well made and design piece of equipment. I would suggest these any day over conventional dumbbells.  The product also can be fitted with a bar to workout with as you would a standard Olympic weight set. I wasn’t in that mind set however when I brought them.

Click to get more information on power blocks here.

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