FitnessBuilder Full Body Workout

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This is first video in a series of videos that I will be doing on FitnessBuilder workouts.
FitnessBuilder is the most comprehensive fitness database in the world. It contains the largest library of exercise images & videos, the most challenging workouts across all disciplines, access to a live personal trainer and a complete set of every fitness tool, calculator and tracking feature available.
I personally lost 16 pounds using FitnessBuilder . It is my go to tool and allows me to build my own workouts which share them and track everything I do.
In my opinion if you looking to stay fit it’s a tool that will help you stay focused and on track.
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Two Exercise Fat Blasting Routine

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By Alwyn Cosgrove

I am always amazed with how simple things can be. Torching fat doesn’t have to take a lot of time or be complicated.  Alwyn Cosgrove, C.S.C.S developed this two exercise workout to torch calories and ignite your metabolism.  Basically, what this workout does is get your body set up to burn more calories all day.

I did some research on Alwyn and his theory on fat loss and found this interesting quote.
“the post workout period that results in metabolic disturbance, elevating EPOC, fat burning enzyme activity and total body fat oxidation to maximize caloric burn for the other 23+ hours per day”. Alwyn focuses on workouts that keep your body burning even after you finished working out.

Check out this interesting read Training techniques to maximize fat loss. Where Alwyn answers the question . What do you look for when designing a fat loss training program? Do you look at what people have done in the gyms before, or do you read the research and then try to recreate that?

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Men’s Fitness Built for Battle MMA Workout

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This workout was found in the December / Janaruay issue of Men’s Fitness.  Josh Koscheck featured in the workout and illustrates how the exercises are done.

Randy Couture admittedly has me beat on this one. He can get you into shape with just 10 minutes a day. Only draw back is you need Randy’s door gym, a product that I haven’t review yet. For Men’s Fitness Built for Battle MMA workout all you need is one weight, a kettbell or Dumbbell and 15 minutes. The work is intense and it is crucial to go all out within the time frame. If you muddle through this workout you won’t get any benefit from it.  When done right this routine will help you develop endurance, fighter specific strength and burn fat. I recently purchased a heart monitor that calculates the amount of calories burned when I workout. For this workout I burned about 300 calories that is a lot given the amount of time for this workout.

Here is the break down for the workout. Perform workout as a Circuit complete one set of each exercise then move on to the next exercise.
Perform each exercise for 25 seconds then rest for 5 seconds.
3 Circuits total

1. Kettlebell Swing
2. Shoulder-to-Shoulder Press
3. Single-Arm Bent Over Row (25 Seconds on each side)
4. Lunge with Rotation
5. Tight Core Rotation
6. Reverse Lunge with Knee Strike (25 Seconds on each side)
7. Fighter Push Up
8. Burpee to Boxer Guard

Perform this workout once or twice a week.

You may need more rest between circuits, that is fine ultimately you want to
get down to one minute between circuits.

Special thanks to Brad from for sending me these cool Muay Thai Shorts. Get your shorts here. Also check out my review on this unique martial arts product the coordination bag.

Men’s Fitness Build a Massive Chest

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Want to get a massive chest? I think most guys would say yeah! Having a big
cut chest is a sign of strength and power. Men’s Fitness has put together a
solid routine that will help you get a solid chest in six weeks.
Perform Day 1 and Day 2 workout once a week.
Train other muscle groups on other days. Allow 3 days of rest between
workouts. Take two days off from lifting.

Rest between sets as needed.  Personally, I rest  30 seconds to obtain a
leaner result.  For strength and size gain I rest for a minute.
*Note – Day 1’s workout is short you may want to do some extra back work.

Time needed:
30 – 40 minutes

1. Plyo Pushup
Sets: 6
Reps: 6-8
2. Dumbbell Bench Press
Sets: 5
Reps: 8-10

3. Feet – Elevated Pushup
Sets: 4
Reps: 10-12

Day 2
1. Crossover Pushup
Sets: 3
Reps: 20-24

2. Bench Press
Sets: 2
Reps: 20-25

3. Incline Dumbbells
Sets: 2
Reps: 15 – 20

4. 100 Pushups
Do as many sets as needed to get to 100

Men’s Fitness The Pain Workout

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Men’s Fitness Workout by John Romaniello

The Pain Workout is Featured in Men’s Fitness September issue.

This routine lives up to it’s name. It is a combination of science and exercise that will help you burn more fat by causing lactic acid build up in your muscle.

What lactic acid does, first it causes that burning painful sensation in your muscle. second it releases a growth hormone in your body that turns fat in to fuel.  We have all experience that burning sensation during our workouts. This routine sole purpose is to cause lactic acid build up , so be prepared to feel the BURN!

Your going to perform this workout slowly for each exercise on a push or pull cycle. Perform the exercise slowly with in a number of seconds for each movement within the exercise. (I still use Mississippis to count seconds…)

Use a weight that is 20 to 25% lighter than you normally lift.

Frequency: Once a week

Time: About 35 minutes
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