Men’s Health Spartacus Workout: Review

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Workout developed by: Adam Campbell and Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S.

This routine was developed to keep the cast of the up coming new Starz  series Spartacus: Blood and Sand in shape.
The workout is a fat burning, core tuning and high intensity circuit training. Circuit training is when you do a group of exercises one after the other resting after you have completed the all exercises in the group.

I have to give credit to Adam Campbell and Rachel Cosgrove for designing such a tough whip your a$$ back into shape workout. I have been incorporating this routine into my workout for about a week. Each time I do this routine I am pushing myself to do a minute on each exercise. That’s the hook here, each of the exercises in the routine are supposed to be done for a minute. I can get through the first circuit doing a minute on each exercise, the second and third I go for reps instead. At the end of the workout I am drenched in sweat that’s why I gave this workout a five star rating. My advice for anyone starting out who hasn’t worked out in a while is to take slowly. A minute on each exercise is a lot. If you are just starting out go for reps instead of time on each exercise. Once you have become acclimated to the routine, then push for time. Remember you have nothing to prove to no one, except to yourself.

There are a total of ten exercises that make up the Men’s Health Spartacus Workout.  You can download the whole routine plus enter to win a walk on role as a gladiator on Spartacus series.

Click here to get the routine plus find out how to enter the contest.

So I have decide to enter the contest. I would be totally blown away if I won, I will start posting pictures of my progress right away.
Also to keep track of my progress with the routine I have programmed it into my FitnessBuilder iPhone App. You can keep up with what I am doing on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Every time I do the workout FitnessBuilder will  up date Facebook andTwitter for me.

Let’s see what happens. Stay tuned for more magazine workout reviews and product reviews.

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9 Responses to “Men’s Health Spartacus Workout: Review”

  1. eric smith Says:

    Saludos, Is the camp to which they sent the cast of Spartacus for three weeks open to the public, and if so do you have contact info. con libertad, Eric.

  2. Jim Says:

    Hey Nat, I stumbled on to your blog today bro and I gotta say Its very inspiring. I too am on a personal fitness journey and I have also started incorporated the Spartacus workout into my regiment. Yes it is one of the most butt kicking workouts that I have ever tried! Its the only one that has ever made me want to hurl. Im losing inches all around! I hate this workout, but I love it! Good review man!

  3. Rob Ferrio Says:

    I have been doing this routine for a month and cant get enough. You are so right Nat, drenched in sweat. At first i couldn’t do the side lunge with dumbbells ( 15 lbs is all I had) Now I can do every exercise with the 15 lbs dumbbells. Still having trouble with form after the first set tho . Man this work out is crazy good for your core, shoulders and arms. Love it.


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  5. DG Says:

    I just started working out again after being lazy for some time. This workout is definitely something I want to do. Ideally, How many days a week do you suggest doing it for? and How many circuits a day should be done?

  6. Nat Says:

    Three days a week combined with another two days of working out to give you a total of five days of exercise with two days to rest.

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  8. Denice Says:

    Found this workout on Facebook Spartacus page. I’m a chick so I’m definitely no gladiator but not a stanger to working out. This workout rocks, I was still shaking after and hour of rest. Muscles I didnt know I had were tested. Cant wait to see how I look after 4 weeks!

  9. Willem Says:

    This workout really rocks, I had my dumbells on my room but never used them.. Till I watched Spartacus on TV and I thought, I wanna look like that too, now i’m really motivated and doing this workout 3 times a week, because I got soccer aswell and if I do this workout after soccer i’m death the next morning :P

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