Here is the meaning behind something I say a lot enjoy.


Stage one. This is the beginning of your fitness journey. The life-changing five seconds. A moment of clarity. For years you’ve thought about getting fit, but there’s always something in the way. This is the moment when all of those things go away and from here on out you’re active – you’re doing something for a healthier life. Evaluate – look in the mirror, look at that scale, get real about where you are. Engage – find people who are going through something like you are. They’ll help you set goals and stay motivated. Share – talk about working out as much as possible, this will help inspire you to keep consistent about working out. Plus, you should be proud of yourself, there’s no reason to keep this a secret,  the more people who you share with, the more likely you are to find workout partners, tips, and more motivation!

Stage two of your fitness journey. Make a plan (or better yet, find one that has worked for others, I’ll have some plans posted soon!), and whether that plan means that you are working out once a week or five times a week, fitness is part of your life: you more aware that ever of what food you are eating. You feel that something is missing on the days that you don’t get your pulse up. Fitness is a lifestyle. You are committed, and a sensible diet and regular exercise are how you get to the next level. Rock on my friend.


Stage three means that you are on the path to greatness! You’ve gotten out of a rut and gotten into a healthy lifestyle. By now you may have even hit that goal – whether it’s to complete a race, lift more, or just to look and feel better. Now is the time to make sure you keep your mind and body interested. Keep reading about exercise, find authors you can related to. Keep a diary of the workouts you have done what you like and don’t like. For the body, it’s essential to mix it up: try something different every week: if you’re into running, do some yoga. If you’re lifting, get out for a run. A lot of the time keeping your muscles challenged and keeping your mind challenged are the same thing.

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